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  • Inheritance Davita’s Legacy 90%
  • The Demon Busters still in outline stage.
  • Liar 50% complete
  • Dreamer 90% complete
  • Had we never seen the stars
  • Sequel to Hand in Glove
  • Heartless
  • Lucky
  • Bad Luck Girl             homeless was rich.
  • Skin Deep       beauty and the beast story

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Secret of the Cat

due out ?

The proud sensual Baashi male named Dare has come to a small coastal town in search of humans who prey on his kind. Most of the Baashi in this town have either fled or keep a very low profile. The police haven’t been able to solve the series of gruesome murders recently taking place. One of the cops, Angela, attracts Dare’s attention. He’s baffled by the hint of dysfunctional Baashi mys emanating from her. Can a Baashi know nothing about their nature? He’s wildly drawn to her, but how can he convince her of what she is?

Angela’s beliefs about reality are threatened when she learns that a mysterious cult is stalking shape shifters in her town and that she herself may be one of the shape-shifters. Can she and Dare defeat this menace and learn to embrace their bond? The connection has to be hot enough to carry her to a new awareness of what she truly is.



Blood. He scented it in the night air. The smell got under his skin like an itch he couldn’t scratch. He was looking for Baashi but he couldn’t seem to separate them from the smell of blood.

Dare had arrived in this small town, called Benton, earlier in the evening. He’d been driving his van idly around, seeking Baashi, those like him who lived on the edge of human society, reliant on it but forever apart. Humans were dangerous. He knew that because he’d lost his sister to them across the country half a year ago. He swanted to find out how the killerws of his sister had learned of the Baashi. Rumors had brought him to this part of the country. He wasn’t really interested in a pack. He roamed alone since his sister, beautiful Cherta had been sruck down. The guilt ate at him constantly. He hadn’t ben there when she was captured.

His mys sense shivered a warning through him. The contact with Baashi shivered in and out but something was very wrong here. Something evil. He couldn’t hang on to another Baashi connection to exchange information. They were either hiding or being blocked. What was the danger?

He caught flare of someone else’s mys. Strong. Charged with emotion. Urgently, he steered his van in the direction the connection pulled him. His heart began to pound as he drew nearer. The smell of blood almost choked him and the other’s mys was now wide open and screaming in fear. Dare slammed his vehicle to a stop at the curb on a deserted street. A large black SUV blocked the entrance of an alley. The shriek inside his head was disturbing, making his defensive mode spring to life. He almost fell from the seat of his vehicle already changing to beast form, his clothes shredding from muscles that re-formed into the powerful shape of a big tawny cat. As his head elongated, his lips drew back from gleaming fangs, a roar reverberating from his throat. He leaped to the other side of the SUV and paused to take in the scene before him with his feral senses, ears twitching to the smallest sound.

Three men threatened a young WOMAN. She was the one who was screaming, her mys perception flaring in and out. One of the men held her arms trapped behind her, while two other men stabbed at her with long blades. The front of her dress was soaked and her strength was already ebbing. Why she didn’t shift, Dare couldn’t tell. t was up to him to rescue her.

Everyone had frozen, probably in reaction to his roar. His long sensitive whiskers prickled a warning of another presence. From the corner of his eye, he took in the old man beside the SUV, even as he crossed the pavement like a flash, pounced and scattered the men away from the girl. With another roar, he slashed out with his claws.

A cut opened across the closest man’s chest. He fell to his knees, gurgling an incoherent and bloody curse. Dare fought to take another one in the arm so that it hung useless at his side. The other one dropped the girl to the ground and pulled out another knife.

“Beast!” yelled the old man. A bullet whistled past Dare, clanging into a trash can.

Run! He transmitted to the girl. crying and disheveled, she dragged herself toward the side of the building. When the old man turned on her with the gun, Dare knocked him to the ground face down. “Master!” cried the other man. “Move!”

He swung his knife at Dare with a vicious swipe, his eyes maniacal. Lashing out with his long tail, Dare knocked the weapon from his hand, inflicting a painful slap.

The old man raised to one elbow. “Don’t let the bitch escape!”

Dare saw the gun raise once more. He flung his body between the old man and the girl who was finally shifting, a dusky coated female, crippled and frenzied. The bullet hit dare where his right front leg joined his torso. He rolled away, the pain disabling for a moment.

The old white-haired man looked at Dare with hatred in his glare. “Beast!” he spat. “I’ll destroy you for daring to lay your foul appendage on me.” He struggled to get to his feet, moving with the painful slowness of age. The other man had run to him, fluttering with concern, but seeming hesitant to touch the man. Dare guessed that reluctance indicated high deference to a superior. The old man was some kind of dominant and was cursing at his companion to go after the abomination.

While the two of them were stumbling about one another, Dare took the opportunity to escape. He slunk away to his nearby van. With blood streaming from his flank, it strained him to shift back to human-like form. His vision was blurred by the time he managed to shift and drag his naked body behind the steering wheel. He had left the motor running and now managed to get it into gear and maneuver it down the street. Laying his foot on the accelerator, he charged into the main street, forcing a couple of cars to swerve around him with horns blaring.

Gotta find a sanctuary. Get healing. By sheer will power, he managed to retain consciousness and keep the vehicle in the proper lane more or less.

He didn’t trust humans much. The ones he’d just left made him even more unwilling to interact with them. But he needed one now. He needed to draw on the synergistic power that flowed between the two kinds of life in order to accelerate his healing. And he had to do it soon.

Then he heard police sirens.



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